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How to Never Miss a Meeting, an Appointment, and get Booked by Your Clients Easily

One of the challenges we all have is managing our daily schedule, our clients appointments and keep track of our daily tasks.

In this episode, I am going to show you a new tool that I beleive is vital to our success as small business especially enterpreneurs working from home.

Using this tool you will get so much power and control of your time, because with one click through your browser, you will be able to see your full personal schedule and your clients will be more happy to sign up to your service, because of how easy and simple it is. And on the other hand you will avoid schedule confusions and time conflicts, and you will avoid not being in control of your schedule, and also prevent your clients from running away, because they are confused about how to book you or schedule a meeting with you to discuss your products and services.

Also, you will be more liked and respected by your clients and your peers because you are always on time, meaning you know when is your next appointment, who is it with, and you will be reminded or notified with any changes. And on the other hand you will avoid conflicts with peers and clients because you “forgot” or “didn’t realize” that it is time for your next appointment.

Moreover, you will be get more done, achieve more growth to your business, by accomplishing more in less time, and increase your productivity by at least 25% because of your mastery of this online scheduling tool, and you will avoid accomplishing less in your business because of the lack of time and schedule management.

Here is an overview of what is online scheduling, and how it can help you increase your productivity by at least 25%, and grow your business. Online scheduling is like your diary or agenda but it is online, which means that it can be public or private, it can be accessed from anywhere, included on your website, and receive notifications and reminders for your tasks to come. It is a piece of web application software, that runs on a monitored secure servers,”so you don’t have to install anything locally, and worry about backups, more about that later…”, and you can manage your schedule and your client availability online, and integrate it to your website, so your clients can find you and book you. And all you need is just a browser and internet connection.

Here is what you need to do to take control of your daily schedule, and book more clients for meeting and sessions.

1) go to AcuityScheduling.com
2) Click on the Sign Up For Free button – and checkout the plans offered by clicking
on the desired plan, and for the purpose for the video demo, we used the free plan
3) Fill out the form, that includes the business name, email address etc..
“Watch the video for more detailed explanation”
4) Customize the page, put your logo, and enter your desired settings..
5) Watch the video and you will get all the info needed, you will get a live example, on how to get this done

So GO NOW, and get started using this tool, and start online scheduling your appointments, and booking more sessions with your peers and clients.

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