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How to Schedule Email, Clean your Inbox, and Get Reminders through GMail

Let me ask you the following questions?

“Is email becoming an overwhelming task for you?”

“Are you experiencing email fatigue?”

If you are like most people, and just like me…

We know that email and managing email could be a very complex overwhelming task, and all of us on the business world especially the ones who are working for ourselves, where every min count, and we all rely 100% on email as our primary communication tool.

That’s how we communicate with our clients, partners, peers.

I am sure we all experienced email fatigue ,stress and anxiety.

I remember many days when I open my email, and I see tens of messages competing for my attention, and waiting for my response.

Now here is the good news…

There is a solution..

Now I just wanted to remind you that I got so many tools, that I will show you in the future, that deals business productivity and email management but for now.. I wanted to show you this special tool, that will rock your world, especially if you are a gmail, Google Apps User, or you use outlook for email.

By using this tool, You will be so powerful because you will be in control of your email rather than your email being in control of you, which will make you far more productive having a good control on your time, and if you don’t use this tool or similar tool, you can fall a victim to email fatigue, and you will become so tired and exhausted trying to manage your email, and you will become actually slave to your email..

Also you will be more respected and liked by your clients, peers and business associates, because you are always communicating to them efficiently, never ignoring them, or their emails, and at the same time may be scheduling future emails congratulating them for special anniversaries and birthdays, that they will know that you are on top of things, and unforgetful, and on the other hand, if you don’t master and manage your emails, and became so behind in managing your email you will less liked by your clients, peers and associates, and they will be wondering why are you so slow in responding back to them, and they might regret dealing with you and your business.

More so..

Moreover, you will be get more done, achieve more growth to your business, by accomplishing more in less time, and increase your productivity by at least 25% because of your mastery of this online tool, and you will avoid accomplishing less in your business because of the lack of time and being behind on your email.

Now the tool that I am going to show you is, Boomerang for Gmail is a Firefox / Chrome plugin that lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages, so you can double your email productivity and be able to go through your emails, and setup reminders on when you want to review certain emails and tasks.

I stumbled upon this tool almost coincidently, when I was searching for a solution, where I can schedule certain emails to go through specified time, and date. So I no longer need to do that first thing in the morning, and I got sucked in to email.
And by the way you don’t need to download big software, and go through lots of thing to get it setup (make sure that you watch the video), all you need is just a browser (Firefox and Chrome), and you are good to go.

Just Follow the step by step instruction that I show you in the video.

My friend, email is one of the biggest distractions in business, and any tool, that can help you double your email productivity is worth checking out..


1) Goto Boomerang
2) Click on the Install Boomerang Red Button
3) Follow the video for further instructions

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