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Launching New Product? How to Package your Information Product, Impress your Clients, and Cut Your Refunds using One Simple Tool.. in 10 Min. or Less – Part 1

In this video I show you how to design a wonderful portfolio to wrap all of training contents or files in one PDF wrapper and email it to your customers.

So what’s exactly a PDF portfolio?

Well it has nothing to do with Art, photography, or web design. It is just a collection of several files eloquently wrapped inside on PDF file which you can email your customers. The portfolio could contain video, spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, PDF files or even folders.

Who should consider using this portfolio?

Anyone selling information products online especially training or seminars.

Anyone who frequently emails multiple related files to their customers

What do you need?

Adobe Acrobat Pro (version 9 or 10) to build the portfolio. Your customers need only the free Adobe Reader (version 9 or 10) to open the portfolio.

Why should you consider this?

1. Well it cuts your delivery cost as you no longer need to ship any DVDs or CDs to your customers. You can simply email them the PDF portfolio instead even if it’s a large file (i.e over 10M); you will still be able to email it from inside Adobe Acrobat for free without even launching your email client. You can also allow your customers to download that portfolio which has everything wrapped in it!

2. Stand out from the crowd: many people are offering trainings and seminars nowadays. This will really impress your customers and make your training or product looks too professional.

3. Reduce your refunds: The product return rates are usually the measure in which you judge how good your product is and I share in the video (Part 2) how to use a marketing tip I have learned from Eben Pagan and Joe Polish to reduce their refunds.

4. It makes it really easy for your customers to go through the training as they can:

* Play back the all videos from inside the portfolio

* Preview or/and open all MS office & PDF files from inside the portfolio and navigate through the files more quickly without opening them

* The portfolio layout looks really great and you will be able to add your logo, upcoming training schedule, and a welcome video or letter.

* it keeps all files and material organized and your customers can search all files zipped in the portfolio simultaneously for keywords much faster!

In this video I show the final product and in Part 2 I walk you step by step through the process of building it.

Check it out and let us know what you think – you will be impressed.

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